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Analysa DOBI CPO

Analysa DOBI CPO

Definition of DOBI: DOBI stands for the Deterioration of Bleachability Index, a parameter that compares the absorbance ratio in the visible range and the absorbance ratio in the UV range. It is used to determine the quality of Crude Palm Oil (CPO). High-quality CPO is a fundamental requirement for producing high-quality end products.

Analysis of DOBI in CPO: DOBI, which stands for Deterioration of Bleachability Index, is one of the quality indicators for Crude Palm Oil (CPO). A higher DOBI value in CPO indicates better quality.

One way to analyze the DOBI value in CPO is by using a UV Spectrophotometer equipped with Absorbance Ratio analysis features, which allows for the direct determination of DOBI without manual calculations. Below are the steps for this analysis:

Required Equipment:

  • UV Spectrophotometer Mapada Instruments with a 10 mm Quartz Cuvette
  • Analytical Balance
  • Hot Plate Stirrer
  • 25 ml Measuring Flask
  • 2 ml Measuring Pipette

Required Materials:

  • Isooctane (2,2,4 trimethyl pentane)

Analysis Steps:

  1. Melt the CPO sample using a Hot Plate.
  2. Weigh approximately 10 g ± 0.0001 g of the melted sample.
  3. Place it in a 25 ml Measuring Flask and dissolve it in Isooctane up to the marked line.
  4. Gently shake the Measuring Flask until the CPO is completely dissolved.
  5. Prepare the Spectrophotometer for analysis.
  6. Fill the cuvette with Isooctane, approximately ¾ of the way up.
  7. Analyze the prepared Isooctane as a Blank sample using the Absorbance Mode at wavelengths of 269 nm and 446 nm.
  8. Using the same wavelengths, perform the analysis on the CPO sample.
  9. Calculate the DOBI value using the following formula:DOBI Value = Absorbance at 446 nm / Absorbance at 269 nm

Analyzing DOBI in CPO is essential to assess its quality, and the mentioned method helps ensure accurate measurements using modern analytical equipment.

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