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These drying cabinets are designed to dry and store the glassware of your laboratory

  • Glassware drying
  • Glassware storing

Our glassware drying cabinets XAS are designed for drying glassware. They are functional, easy-to-use and -to-clean and energy efficient.

The drying cabinets are used to dry and store glassware at a temperature adjustable up to 60°C. The moderate ventilation inside the cabinet is also suitable for slow drying.

Ergonomic construction

  •  Two sizes: 320 litres and 800 litres.
  • The door is made of 2 security glasses, allowing to see inside the cabinet.
  • The control panel is located in the top part of the cabinet.
  • The XAS800 model has swivel castors for easy movement of the cabinet, with an integrated height-adjustable foot for leveling it.
  • The inner and outer casings are made of white-painted steel sheet.

Heating is generated by armed stainless steel heating elements, ideally located in the air flow.

Exclusive ventilation system
Air of the working volume is sucked by fan engines located in the top part of the oven, is warmed up by the heating elements then is blown out by the back bottom part.
This air recycling and a permanent 15m3/h air change allow an optimized drying of your glassware.
Moist air escapes from an exhaust opening at the top of the cabinet.

Heating control
The FRANCE-ETUVES C3030 temperature controller is very accurate and particularly reliable.
Measurement by PT100 or TCJ probe. Electronic PID temperature controller. Accuracy: 0.1°C.
Color display, excellent visibility of temperatures.

Functions :

  • Display of setpoint and measured temperature
  • Display (in percentage) of the heating power used
  • Date and time display
  • Possibility of making 1 program with 8 steps: 4 programmable temperature ramps (°C/min) and 4 heating timer (max 9999min)
  • Delayed start
  • Repeat loop
  • Monitoring of your current program (step and remaining time)
  • Pause or stop the program
  • End of cycle buzzer
  • PID adjustment
  • Possibility of adding a temperature correction at 2 distinct temperatures (offsets)

A non-adjustable independent over-temperature thermostat (class 3.1 protection), with a sound and visual alarm, protects your products and the oven.

Loading trays
Trays are made of stainless steel and perforated to allow air free flow:

  • The XAS320 drying cabinet is supplied with 2 trays.
  • The XAS800 drying cabinet is supplied with 3 trays.
  • Multiple levels are available for easy loading and unloading. The spacing between the levels is 55mm.
  • The maximum number of trays depends on the interior height of the cabinet (6 max for the XAS320 and 12 for the XAS800).


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