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** Product Detail:
Mapada P9 UV/Vis spectrophotometer is the low-end products in P series. Instruments using a single beam design, large color touch screen, easy to operate, suitable for education, biology, pharmacy, food, environmental protection and other areas.
High precision design and high quality components ensures excellent performance.
** Features:
1. The  1200 l/mm holographic grating with low stray light and the optimized design of split beam optical system ensure higher measurement accuracy of the instrument.
2. Strengthened structure design makes the instrument stronger and more durable
3. Improved wavelength accuracy and repeatability and reduced noise by the new wavelength driving mechanism (patented)
4. Wide sample room, suitable for 5-100 mm sample holder and other accessories
5. Self calibration  and preheating countdown upon start-up
6. The built-in computer (2GB memory/64GB SSD storage, 178 degred full view, 16 million colors, high resolutions, 10.1 inch IPS color LCD touch screen, capacitive 10-point touch control) provides excellent display effect, simple operation and good scalability
7. The software design fully complies with the requirements of 21CFR  in Pharmacopoeia, and has perfect GLP/GMP functions, which can effectively trace and manage the instrument performance and measurement data
8. Perfect system and file management function
9. A variety of interfaces(USB with OTG functions, WIFI, bluetooth, SD card reader, HDMI, etc.) can connect keyboards, mouses, scanners and printers to input and output data, and access networks for remote control, data transmission and sharing
10. With open data interface protocols, users can integrate into the system through simple development to work with other devices
11. Gratings are directly from the manufacturer in the USA
12. Upgrade firmware by USB storage
** Product parameters:
P9 PC Model 
1. Optical System: Double Beam
2. Light Source: Tungsten lamp & Deuterium lamp
3. Detector: Dual silicon photodiode
4. Wavelength Range: 190 – 1100nm
5. Spectral bandwidth: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 5.0 nm
6. Display: 10.1 Inch IPS Color Capacitive Touchscreen (resolution: 1280×800)
7. Standard Cell Holder: 10mm manual 4-position cell holder
8. Storage: 64GB (Built-in), Unlimited (USB storage, SD card, network storage)
9. Interface: USB-A (extensible, connectable to printer, storage, mouse, keyboard and other device) ×3, USB-B (PC)×1, RJ-45 (Ethernet) ×1, VGA×1, HDMI×1, Bluetooth(extensible), WIFI
8. Function:
     * Photometry Test
     * Quantitative Test
     * File Management
     * System Utilities
     * Performance Verification
9. Power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 120 W
10. Dimensions: 580 (W)×420 (D)×235 (H) mm
11. Weight: 17kg

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